Welcome to Mountford Berries

About Us

Mountford Berries is a Tasmanian-owned horticulture business with a growing crop portfolio. Our farm retains traditional and strong family values. Australia’s growing appetite for our beautiful berries has resulted in significant growth and expansion for our business.
The Mackinnon family have been farming at Mountford for five generations. The mixed farming operations on the farm led to a diversification into berry farming in 2014. Beginning with 4 ha of in-ground strawberries, the Berry Farm has grown to a 27 ha diverse operation of tabletop strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries. “Mountford” in Longford is our home, and we employ approximately 220 full-time and seasonal staff. We are between Longford and Perth, only 15 minutes from Launceston and 10 minutes from Launceston Airport. This makes our farm such an ideal place to work.

Our Berries

Mountford Berries is now a 27-ha farm that produces the finest strawberries, raspberries and blackberries, sold across Australia for Driscoll's. Polytunnels protect our berries, allowing each plant's optimal growth regardless of weather.
Our strawberry crop consists of two varieties, Big Sur and Amesti, which span across over 19 ha. They are all grown hydroponically in a coir substrate.
Our raspberry variety, Maravilla, makes up 4 ha of the farm and is grown hydroponically in pots supported by trellis string and wires, allowing for larger, fuller plants.
Our blackberry crop is spread across the farm, totals 2.75Ha, and boasts Elvira and Victoria varieties. These plants have the same setup as our raspberry plants and can grow over 8 feet tall!