Working with Mountford Berries

At Mountford Berries, no day is ever the same, and what makes us unique is that we are a family-run company, and those family values are spread across the entire farm.
We plant, grow, pick, and ship our fruits from July to June. This allows for a wide variety of roles to suit anyone and everyone. Every single position is as important as the next.
If you are looking for an outdoor environment, meeting & making new friends, acquiring new skills, and potentially new qualifications, then Mountford is the workplace for you!
Some of the types of roles available:

  • Picking

  • Planting

  • Supervising

  • Harvest Operations

  • Irrigation

Please note that most roles can sometimes be physically demanding, but the rewards certainly outweigh this! There are always enough Zooper Doopers to go around at the end of a hot day!

Our Harvest

Our berry harvest always depends on the start of Spring/ Summer. Strawberries generally begin in late October, followed by Raspberries being ready by late November, and Blackberries are ready to be picked by January. Our season usually finishes between April and May, sometimes even into June, weather dependent!

Our Staff

Australian PALM Scheme

Our largest source of Labour come from the Australian Government initiative for Timor-Leste and Surrounding Pacific Islands. The programme allows us to source a reliable return workforce from these countries to harvest our crop efficiently and effectively. We currently recruit workers from Timor-Leste, Tonga, Samoa, and Vanuatu. Every year we love to see how their hard work has helped them back in their home country. We consistently hear stories of workers sending their family to university, building a house for themselves and their family or starting a small business. It brings us so much joy to know we can help towards making a difference.

Seasonal Workers

Berries need to be picked daily to get the best berry to eat and to send to market. This is only possible with many people working together over our harvest season. We have a team of 70-170 members on farm every day of Harvest. Sourcing labour from our local workforce as well as working holiday makers is a great way that we can provide the labour for our harvest season and brings a diversity to Mountford Berries

Full Time Workers

We have many different roles within our business which allows us to employ full time staff. These full time workers do a variety of jobs; Harvest Managers, Irrigation Managers, Machinery Operations, Supervisors, Human Resources, Accommodation Managers and Farm Hands. As a family business we are very proud of our home and our team!

Accommodation & Transport

We do not have any accommodation on site; however, some local places we can recommend:

Longford Riverside Caravan Park: https://longfordriversidecarav...
Kingsley House, Longford:
Ringwood Hotel, Cressy:
Aberdeen Court Motel, Launceston:
Launceston Backpackers, Launceston: http://www.launcestonbackpacke...
Arthouse Backpacker Hostel:

We do not provide any transport, and the public bus does not stop near us, so you must have your own transport.